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Ms. Delice Coffey, MA, LPA, CBT is a Psychologist who specializes in celebrity life coaching, peak performance with athletes and mental health issues. Ms Coffey has been providing her life-changing interventions to athletes and the general populations for over 20 years. She is dedicated to working to improve overall wellness, mental and physical health, and athletic performance. Ms Coffey is the CEO of Living Well Centre, Inc. in Durham, North Carolina, a center that offers life balance and peak performance by working with the whole person.

Ms. Coffey has created a system to help empower individuals educationally, mentally, physically and spiritually, to be their best self. Aside from providing clinical services, consultation, and research through Living Well Centre, Inc., Ms. Coffey also works as a team psychologist for Union County Xtreme AAU basketball team. Ms. Coffey volunteers a great deal of her time to Helping People Help Themselves, Inc., a nonprofit organization that provides psychological, educational, and recreational outlets for at-risk youth. Ms. Coffey is also a personal trainer, former bodybuilding and power lifer champion.

In 2010 Ms. Coffey launched a new division at Living Well Sports & Life:

• Sports Psychology


Ms. Coffey is a native of Waxhaw, North Carolina. She is a successful business owner who continues to improve the world around her through hard work and dedication. Ms. Coffey has spent many years of education and business preparation to develop Living Well Centre, Inc. She is a Licensed Psychological Associate and a Certified Mental Game Coach Professional. She also holds a certification in sport-fitness psychology; she is a Certified Domestic Violence Counselor, Behavioral Therapist, Cognitive Therapist, Reality Therapist, Youth Officer and a Clinically Certified Juvenile Treatment Specialist. Ms. Coffey’s psychology background, her certifications, coupled with her sport-fitness expertise makes her uniquely qualified to successfully administer sports performance-related services to athletes on all levels.

Athletic Background

Ms. Coffey is a formal bodybuilder and power lifter. She began competing in 1987. In 1990, she won first place in the heavyweight division and Best Female Poser at the Sandhills Bodybuilding Championships. Throughout her power lifting career, Ms. Coffey broke 10 North Carolina State records. In 1997 she broke the world record during the World Power Lifting Alliance, and she is the 1984 ACU-I  Table Tennis Champion. Since then she has worked as a personal trainer and for Gold’s Gym, Metro Sport Athletic Club, and a wellness consultant Living Well Centre, Inc. Ms Coffey love for sports begin in Junior High School when she started cheering for the basketball and football teams. Ms Coffey cheered until she graduated from high school. She was also successful in track and field during her  in her high school days.

Academic Background

Ms. Coffey received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology as well as her Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from North Carolina Central University. She graduated from a non-APA doctoral program in clinical psychology and is current a student in a sports psychology doctoral program at the University of Western States with an expected graduation date of 2018. Ms Coffey earned a certification in Reality Therapy from the Institute for Reality Therapy under the direct supervision of Dr. William Glasser. She worked as a graduate assistant at her alma mater in Advanced General Psychology, and she also spent a semester as an adjunct professor of General Psychology.

While completing her studies and performing her research, Ms. Coffey became a member of Psi Chi Honor Society and was recognized as one of the Outstanding Young Women of America in 1986. That same year, Ms Coffey was awarded recognition in the Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Most recently, she has worked as a researcher associate with Dr. Christopher L. Edwards at Duke University Medical Center.