Sports Psychology for Football

Sports Psychology for Football Players and Coaches


Cutting-Edge Workbooks, Downloads and CD’s Designed to Boost Confidence, Focus, & Composure To  Help You Reach Peak Performance!

Relaxation And Guided Imagery

cover-smallThe Athlete’s Guide to Peak Performance Series is cutting edge programs for serious athletes only. These programs will teach you how to perform your very best both mentally and physically. Relaxation & Guided Imagery will help you develop a relaxed mindset so you can get in the zone and stay there. It will teach you how to use visualization and imagery to improve your game by guiding you through the process. It will also give you powerful affirmations to help you maintain the mindset of champions.

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Focus Like a Champion

Focus Like a Champion – Forward by Dallas Cowboy Legend Eugene Lockhart – Do you want to get in the zone and stay there? Focus like a Champion will teach you key concentration skills and ways to eliminate mental distractions. You will learn strategies to help you identify what to focus on and how to stay focused on what is important. The ability to focus is critical. World class athletes have mastered the power of the zone and this workbook will teach you how.

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Building Confidence

Building Confidence – If you lose confidence easily and doubt your abilities form time to time, this cutting edge workbook is for you! Building Confidence workbook will offer you strategies to teach you how to reach your full potential in competition by believing in yourself. You will also learn how to trust your abilities and stop doubting yourself.

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The Relaxed Athlete

Football Psychology ProgramsThe Relaxed Athlete,” teaches top mental strategies to instill complete mental preparation on game day.Two programs combined into one, you not only learn how to develop a focused and confident pre-competition routine, but you also learn the secrets to a poised and relaxed mindset. The Relaxed Athlete CD program includes 14 days of mental preparation exercises that can be tailored to your specific sport. Each copy comes with three premium bonuses that you can download immediately!

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The Fearless Athlete

Football Psychology Programs“The Fearless Athlete,” is a 14-day step-by-step easy-to-apply mental training program designed to help you overcome the mental barriers of perfectionism, fear of failure, and learn to perform with unbeatable trust. You learn how to overcome performance anxiety, trust your practice and perform freely in competition. This program consists of 2 audio CD’s and a workbook you use for just 15 minutes a day! Each copy comes with two premium bonuses that you can download immediately!

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Xtreme All Natural Body Bar


The Xtreme All Natural Body Bar is formulated in Luxe Opaque soap base, which is made of 100% vegetable oil and is free of any animal by-product. It produces a nice, foamy lather that gently cleanses skin and rinses clean.

  • Provides additional skin moisturization
  • Eliminates malodors caused by perspiration
  • Works through various enzymes that neutralize odors
  • Treats a variety of skin conditions including skin fungus and athlete’s foot
  • Rejuvenates and soothes tired, aching muscles
  • Great for all skin types
  • Draws skin impurities & toxins and eliminates excess oil
  • Exfoliate refreshes and renews skin tone
  • ONLY $5 per bar + s&h!

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