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Get Mentally Tough – Set Goals

“Discipline is the bridge between your football goals and your football success”. Felicity Luckey

Mental Game Coaching is the aspect of psychology in football that based on mentoring football players on ways and strategies to overcome the mental barriers that are keeping them from performing up to their full potential.

A football player’s game can be enhanced if he (or she) has a positive mindset and football mental game skills.

These skills will help him (or her) to perform better by identifying setbacks, set new goals and embracing a positive philosophy about the game.

Goals are a very important aspect of football.

Certain attributes like focus, determination, football mental toughness and football confidence are essential in reaching any type of goal that you have set.

The process of setting goals gives room for football players to know their performance level and also steps to take in order to reach a peak performance level.

It is important to set goals in a way such that focus is placed on the process of reaching a particular goal rather than the outcome.

An example of goals that you can set is Process Goals.

Process Goals

Process goals refer to the process or training required in order to achieve a desired observable, measurable and achievable outcome within a particular time.

They are the little steps you take to achieve the performance goals during training.

Process goals are goals which the football players have total control of.

Setting process goals mean you focus on the process in achieving your goals instead of the outcome goals.

They make it easier for you to be able to reach your performance and outcome goals in the right time frame.

Process goals are the most important type of goals and usually determine if you will succeed or not.

An example of a process goal is;
• Jog for 30 minutes every day
• Making to all practices every week

Difference between Performance Goals and Mental Goals

Performance goals are goals that specify a particular standard that has to be met.

They are used to assess the achievements of the process goals.

They serve as benchmark goals that will help football players improve all season.

Performance goals have to be realistic, challenging and have to be fit to your outcome goals.

Examples of a performance goal for a player with an outcome goal of scoring 30 goals in the coming season:
• Improving your shooting and finishing
• Increasing your goal scoring
• Improve your positional playability.

Mental Goals

Mental goals in football are as important as the physical aspect of the game.

The best players will have nothing to offer if they crack under pressure, or have emotional issues outside of football that makes them to lose focus.

Mental goals are needed to ensure that football players maintain their football mind by focusing on their play and not the surroundings.

Sports psychology for football focuses on the need for infusing football mental toughness and a positive mindset in football players as these can improve their football mental game.

No matter what happens during the game, mental goals enable players to still keep their head up high and give their very best.

The Importance of using Performance Goals and Mental Goals

Goal setting is not usually adopted by most coaches and players.

Football psychology stresses that setting mental and performance goals help football players to be focused.

Having mental goals is very important as football mental toughness will keep you going even if the odds don’t favor you.

Performance goals which serve as building blocks to the outcome goals are as well very important.

Always put your performance goals in view so that you are constantly reminded of them.

Writing them down, reciting the goals every time and reviewing those daily by putting them into action will definitely improve your ability to reach your full potential.

Performance goals and mental goals are necessary for achieving the right football mind on the field.

Having a high level of football mental toughness will boost physical performance and win championships.

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Updated: September 16, 2017 — 4:49 pm

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